Go Green ~ Happy Earth Day is Everyday!

Greetings Beloved

~Every Sunday 500,000 tress could be saved if everyone recycled their newspapers ~ make Sunday your day to save a TREE!

~For every mile you don’t drive, you save one pound of carbon dioxide. Walk, bike, carpool, or use public transportation more often. Save more, drive less!

~Thousands of computers, TVs, and electronics are left on overnight and generate tons of carbon dioxide per year. Turn things off and get turned on to being green!

~A 15 year old tree can make only about 700 grocery bags a supermarket could go through them in under an hour! Make a difference ~ bring your own bags!

~Americans use 85,000,000 tons of paper a year: about 680 lbs per person ~ Go paperless by paying bills online, by thinking before printing, by setting your printers and copiers to default to double-side copies!

*source: Chameleon like Inc (2007)

With Gratitude

Breathe Love Laugh Dance (BLLD)

Ynav Avlis


About Ynav

Greetings Beloved. Thank you for visiting my blog. I am passionate about the arts, specifically, dancing and writing poems. I am currently on a journey of discovering and experiencing healing dances, such as Biodanza and Dance Meditation. I am also working on my first poem book and other artistic projects. I was born and created to dance since the inception of my being in my mother’s womb. My bedroom has always been my stage and my mirrors my audience. I am now on a journey to release my birth given art and talent to the universe. I dance to bring my inner being peace, calmness and also to bring these same feelings to other fellow beings. I love the art of expressing your deepest and truest emotions through the movement of your body. I thank you mother nature and father universe for allowing me to share such a gift, for I am present now to introduce such an art to your universe. Dancing has always played an integral part in my life when I needed that extra boost in my esteem, that release of mental and emotional tension, and when I wanted to feel alive. I was also aware that when I danced in social settings, it brought other’s joy and a sense of calmness. I started to analyze and put two and two together and discovered that when I dance, I not only bring that same feeling into my body and psyche but that I affect others with it. With Gratitude, Breathe Love Laugh Dance (BLLD) Ynav Avlis
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