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Greetings Beloved. Thank you for visiting my blog. I am passionate about the arts, specifically, dancing and writing poems. I am currently on a journey of discovering and experiencing healing dances, such as Dance Meditation, Biodanza and Dance Meditation. I am also working on my first poem book and other artistic projects. I was born and created to dance since the inception of my being in my mother’s womb. My bedroom has always been my stage and my mirrors my audience. I am now on a journey to release my birth given art and talent to the universe. I dance to bring my inner being peace, calmness and also to bring these same feelings to other fellow beings. I love the art of expressing your deepest and truest emotions through the movement of your body. I thank you mother nature and father universe for allowing me to share such a gift, for I am present now to introduce such an art to your universe. Dancing has always played an integral part in my life when I needed that extra boost in my esteem, that release of mental and emotional tension, and when I wanted to feel alive. I was also aware that when I danced in social settings, it brought other’s joy and a sense of calmness. I started to analyze and put two and two together and discovered that when I dance, I not only bring that same feeling into my body and psyche but that I affect others with it. Gratefully, Ynav

Emotions from Different Cultures


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Montessori Education

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“Raw Food as Medicine”

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“Don’t Pay Taxes” ~ Mark Passio

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Discovery of Self!

Greetings Beloved May this post find you in bliss. We will be awakening the platform, Discovery of Self (D.O.S.) this summer of 2018. We are going  to focus on artists and/or individuals taking on a spiritual, aka, Who Am I, … Continue reading

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Needing, Wanting, and Loving…

“The truth is, love is never completely black and white. In fact, I think 80 percent of it is grey matter. Love can fade just as quickly as it can surge and fill your entire being with its magical feelings … Continue reading

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The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek. – Joseph Campbell

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